MGT 632 Business Taxation

This is an advanced course designed to discuss a wide range of taxation concepts and legislations. Students will learn the role of taxation in decision-making and business. They will also learn how to deal with international aspects of the company’s taxation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the principal types of taxation likely to be of relevance to incorporated and corporate businesses in a particular country.
  • Understand key administrative requirements and the possible enquiry and investigation powers of taxing authorities associated with the principal types of taxation likely to be of relevance to an incorporated business.
  • Numerically illustrate the principles of different types of tax based on provided information.
  • Understand concepts of direct versus indirect taxes, taxable person and competent jurisdiction.
  • Learn types of taxation, including direct tax on the company’s trading profits and capital gains, employee taxation, indirect taxes collected by the company, and withholding taxes on international payments, and their features.
  • Understand the mechanism of value added/sales taxes, in which businesses are liable for tax on their outputs less credits for tax paid on their inputs, including the concepts of exemption and variation in tax rates depending on the type of output and disallowance of input credits for exempt outputs.