MKT 409 Global Markets

Building on the basics of marketing, this course provides introduction to the context of the highly globalize environment. It critically examines the social, cultural, financial, political, legal, and geographic facets of the globalize marketplace. Students will use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to assess the integration and effects of globalization in marketing strategies and programs. Students will also look into global financial markets and the determinants of competition in global financial services industries – money markets, foreign exchange market, international capital market, global equity market, and markets for swaps and forward contracts. Basic principles of finance will be employed in the explanation and analysis of activities among these markets.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand national economies in an era of globalization. Learn alternative approaches to analyzing national economies.
  • Familiarize with liberal market economies: The United States.
  • Understand state-driven development: Singapore. Analyze emerging markets/uncertain rules: Russia and Africa.
  • Understand the politics of trade, intellectual property protection, global business and human rights, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private non-market action. Analyze sustainability and its principles.