MKT 635 Marketing Digital Analytics

This course involves the use of technology to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. Advanced technology has made it possible to perform tasks which were previously done by people. The advantage of using technology is that it saves time. Marketing digital analytics involves gathering marketing data and using technology such as cloud computing or connected devices such as tablets and computers to carry out an analysis with an aim of improving competition and the online experience of consumers. This course not only focuses on the data but also information gathered from customer interactions through emails, and social media. Most consumers shop for their goods and services online as they can also have access to product reviews which influence their purchasing decisions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • understand how social media influences a business
  • understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative data and how analysts use the information for digital analytics, and the impact of marketing digital analytics to a business.
  • differentiate marketing digital analytics and web analytics and how the former is a better option.