MPH 509 MPH Capstone Individual Project

The nature of the capstone project should be consistent with the career goals of the student, and it should be viewed as a culminating display of ability, demonstrating that the MPH graduate is prepared to become a professional in the field of public health. The excellence in writing and oral presentation requirements reflects competencies that are essential to success in the field of public health. The “manuscript format” for the capstone project is intended to familiarize students with the rigors of preparing manuscripts for professional journals. This capstone project will be based on a core course and a concentration course. The following courses may be taken after the successful completion of MPH 501, MPH 502, and MPH 503.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply appropriate public health theory, skills, and knowledge to a public health or community health issue.
  • Complete a major written paper on a significant public health or community health issue or topic.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the required public health competencies.
  • Demonstrate professional writing and presentation skills.