PHS 552 Public Health Services Management

Introduction the principles and methods for organization and management of government and non-government public health programs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the major national health programs of a particular country.
  • Explain the concepts of health policy and its interplay with issues of cost, quality, and access to care.
  • Describe the current problems in the public health workforce and future needs, especially in an international setting.
  • Introduce management skills in budgeting, human resources, systems thinking, planning, evaluation, etc.
  • Explain how the contexts of gender, race, poverty, history, migration, and culture are important in the design of interventions within public health systems.
  • Illustrate how changes in public health systems (including input, processes, and output) can be measured.
  • Analyze inter-relationships among systems that influence the quality of life of people in their communities.