PSYA 800 Freudian Psychoanalysis

An introduction to psychoanalysis as originated by Dr. Sigmund Freud. These twenty-eight lectures to laymen are elementary and almost conversational. Freud sets forth with a frankness almost startling the difficulties and limitations of psychoanalysis, and also describes its main methods and results as only a master and originator of a new school of thought can do. These discourses are at the same time simple and almost confidential, and they trace and sum up the results of thirty years of devoted and painstaking research.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a proficiency in reading and writing within the conceptual framework of Freudian psychoanalysis;
  • an oral proficiency in understanding the genesis of Freudian psychoanalysis;
  • an ability to identify, analyze, and question the origin of various analysis models;
  • a familiarity with understanding the rationale of Freudian psychoanalysis within a society;
  • and a familiarity with the principles of Freudian psychoanalysis.