PSYA 801 Jungian Psychoanlysis

The student will gain an understanding of Jungian thought. The course will bring up to date perspectives in the field of clinically applied analytical psychology, centering on five areas of interest: the fundamental goals of Jungian psychoanalysis, the methods of treatment used in pursuit of these goals, reflections on the analytic process, the training of future analysts, and special issues, such as working with trauma victims, handicapped patients, or children and adolescents, and emergent religious and spiritual issues. Discussing not only the history of Jungian analysis but its present and future applications, this course explores major contributions to the worldwide study of psychoanalysis.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a proficiency in reading and writing within the conceptual framework of Jungian psychoanalysis;
  • an oral proficiency in understanding the genesis of Jungian psychoanalysis;
  • an ability to identify, analyze, and question the origin of various analysis models;
  • a familiarity with understanding the rationale of Jungian psychoanalysis within a society;
  • and a familiarity with the principles of Jungian psychoanalysis.