PSYA 802 Contemporary Psychoanalytical Theory

This course is motivated both by the need for an outline of the evolution of psychoanalysis since Freud’s death, and by the hope of tackling the fragmentation which has led to the current ‘crisis of psychoanalysis’.

In three sections covering the theoretical and practical aspects of psychoanalysis, and analyzing the current state of the field, this course provides an overview of the principal concepts of contemporary psychoanalysis.

Subjects covered include:

  • Transference and counter transference
  • Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: modalities and results
  • Language-speech-discourse in psychoanalysis
  • Recognition of the unconscious

Learning Outcomes:

  • a proficiency in reading and writing within the conceptual framework of contemporary psychoanalysis;
  • an oral proficiency in understanding the genesis of contemporary psychoanalysis;
  • an ability to identify, analyze, and question the origin of various analysis models;
  • a familiarity with understanding the rationale of Jungian psychoanalysis within a society;
  • and a familiarity with the principles of contemporary psychoanalysis.