ThM 522 The Pentateuch

The Pentateuch is at the heart of Israel’s faith. This course is designed to introduce students to the historical, literary and theological interpretations of the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch course will explore the legal codes that identify appropriate responses to God’s acts. Moreover, there will be in-depth discussion on the critical issues surrounding the Pentateuch and its individual books as well as an analysis of problem passages that have triggered worldwide scholastic debate. Thus, this course will undertake a thorough survey of the social and historical contents of The Pentateuch; its unique literary forms and features; its major themes and assertions; and, its enduring message and relevance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic context of the Pentateuch.
  • Analyze the major theological themes of the Pentateuch.
  • Understand the different methods of interpreting the difficult passages.
  • The nature and meaning of covenants.
  • Be able to recognize the different literary genres that make up the Pentateuch, such as poetic, narrative and legal genres.
  • Gain the ability to correlate comprehensive themes to specific texts.