ThM 525 Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice

This course is an introduction to Buddhist doctrine, covering scriptural traditions from Southeast Asia (Pali); Asian (Chinese) and Central Asian (Tibetan). Discussions will focus on basic Buddhist practices as well, particularly meditation. Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice will also analyze doctrines and rituals in early Buddhism, namely the Theravada. The course will also explore the role and function of Buddhist monasteries in traditional Buddhist societies. This course will study Buddhism as a textual-philosophical tradition and as a lived religion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand basic Buddhist doctrines featured in scriptural traditions of the Pali, Chinese and Tibetans.
  • Learn about the origins and founding of Buddhism.
  • Gain a philosophical understanding of meditation.
  • Learn the basics of meditations.
  • Analyze the functions and roles of Buddhist missionaries in conventional Buddhist societies.
  • Make a differentiation between early Buddhism and its modern equivalent.