ThM 586 Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Psychotherapy and Spirituality will analyze the associations between spiritual direction and psychotherapeutic theories and practices. This course will explore relevant theories such as Bandura’s cognitive behavioral theory and how it may be linked with counter-transference. It will also cover Roger’s humanistic theory and its correlation with mindfulness. This course will also analyze the possible connections between Freud’s psychoanalysis and God image and transference. There will also be a critical analysis of Jung’s personality theory and how it is linked with individuation. Lastly, this course studies Benner’s Intensive Soul Care and its correlation with Ignation spiritual direction.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to critically analyze theories that are relevant to psychotherapy.
  • Be familiar with psychological theories that may influence spiritual direction.
  • Gain knowledge about the associations between psychological theory and spiritual life and faith.
  • Enhance knowledge in the application of critical methods and tools.
  • Gain skills in constructively responding to pastoral situations in spiritual direction.
  • Understand the process of spiritual development.