ThM 592 Women and the Church

Women and the Church explore the religious experiences of Christian women. It engages students with an interdisciplinary study of women’s issues from a theological and biblical perspective. Moreover, this course explores the social, literary, political and historical contexts in which Christian women have ministered in the Church. This course also analyzes the new ways of perceiving, interpreting and understanding the world in which women Church workers function.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge about women’s issues as they correlate with Christian women’s ministries in the church and para-church organizations.
  • Analyze the personal views of women in ministry from both a contemporary and historical viewpoint.
  • Critically assess the role of women in the church from a social, political and historical perspective.
  • Identify the contemporary and historical issues women in Church contend with.
  • Describe the different roles of Christian women in the development of modern evangelical church culture.
  • Develop and assess ministry models for use in local or para-church organizations.