Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing program prepares students for career opportunities on several marketing industries such as e-commerce, advertising and supply management by providing strong core knowledge on marketing theory and practice. Students who enroll in this program are honed to formulate powerful strategic plans in promoting a business by enhancing their oral and written communication skills and widening their knowledge on relevant technology that will further aid them to reach out to the global society. The curriculum is designed to meet the primary objective of making the students acquire the vital knowledge and skills for a career wherein marketing is of utmost importance. More importantly, it aims to instill appreciation on the students regarding the importance of marketing. The program seeks to develop highly competent and creative marketing professionals with adequate training in marketing analysis, strategic planning, sales and finance management.

Program Director

Dr. Lorna DeShay

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of marketing principles to diverse audiences.
  • Employ problem-solving skills and decision-making techniques to identify marketing and related business issues.
  • Develop strategic plans that respond to organization marketing needs.

Total Credits required for Bachelor of Arts in Marketing is 120.
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