School of Health Sciences

Charisma University School of Health Sciences is committed to helping students and professionals continue their education and professional development in an online setting that is academically meaningful, relevant to the needs of the workplace, and satisfying to the learner as part of her or his commitment to education and life-long learning. The School of Health Sciences provides educational programs and instruction to support learners–both students seeking to complete their education in the health sciences and health professionals desiring to continue their professional development without leaving their places of employment, family, and country to return to academia to realize their educational needs, goals, and aspirations. The School of Health Sciences offers learning activities that can help address the need for educated and skilled professionals in the health sciences for a global health environment.

The University has assembled a collection of faculty members who are academicians and professionals dedicated to:

  1. Promoting the health sciences, preventing disease, and improving upon the quality of life through education, scholarship, and service to the local, national, and global communities.
  2. Providing meaningful educational programs that develop competent and compassionate health professionals capable of delivering high quality health services and leadership to individuals, families and communities while fostering critical thinking, communication, and integrity.
  3. Helping the learner apply the knowledge of the health sciences to practical situations with a professional outlook and competent command of the facts and knowledge-base that underpins problem-solving situations in the health science arena.

In order to realize the above commitments, the School of Health Sciences has focused its efforts on developing and providing a focused curriculum on the health sciences, nursing sciences and public health that balance formal academics, professional education, and honest, practical problem-solving.

Academic Degree Programs

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Martin Ayim


Message from the Dean

The faculty and I welcome you to the School of Health Sciences. We know that you already possess a combination of work experience and education. We know that you are looking at our programs to either complete your educational credentials or continue with your professional development. We hope you find a learning program that will meet your needs.

My faculty peers and I are committed to helping you “finish what you started” and in the process help you develop into a health professional committed to advancing the study and practice of the health sciences in your community for the purpose of helping to improve the health status indicators of your home country. We promise to do our part as faculty members and ask you to come ready to learn and dedicated to engaging with the course assignments in order to learn the academic/professional materials and apply it to situations you have already encountered or are likely to encounter in the near future.

My peers and I leave you with this thought:

“The object of education is to prepare [individuals] to educate themselves throughout their lives.”

By Robert Maynard Hutchins (b: January 17, 1899; d: May 17, 1977), educational philosopher and chancellor (1945-1951) of the University of Chicago.

On behalf of the Faculty of the School of Health Sciences, I hope you will decide to partner with us as you continue your learning journey.

With best wishes,


Dr. Martin Ayim

Dean, School of Health Sciences