Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.)

Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.)

The Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.), curriculum combines scholastic investigation and musical studies that center on the history, theory, composition, and performance of music for scholastic education, religious-liturgical and worship purposes.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Developed the practical skills and obtained the necessary education to become a professional educational research practitioner and instructor in the field, at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • To gain new research insights, perspectives and practices in liturgical music and even secular music.
  • Designed and incorporated sacred music into research education and liturgical celebrations.

Course Requirements

Students intending to pursue doctoral degrees must take and pass a comprehensive examination after they have completed their non-dissertation courses, because it is a pre-requisite of the dissertation courses. One of the purposes of this examination is to sufficiently assess students’ full knowledge on the dissertation title they wish to research.

The following courses in dissertation are all required for graduation Doctor of Sacred Music (DSM)
Program. Dissertation must be taken when all the non-dissertation courses are completed.
No more than one dissertation course should be taken per session. Dissertation Guidelines

MUS 960a Dissertation – Practical Research I (Proposal)
MUS 960b Dissertation – Practical Research II (Review of Related Literature & Methodology)
MUS 960c Dissertation – Practical Research III (Data Collection & Analysis)
MUS 960d Dissertation – Practical Research IV (Dissertation complete and Oral Defense)

Each non-dissertation and dissertation course is valued as 4 credits with the exception of dissertation complete and oral defense which is valued as 2 credits; comprehensive examination is valued as 1 credit.

Total Credits required for Doctor of Sacred Music (DSM)
is 66.
Please refer to the University Catalog or website for admissions requirementstransfer credits policy; and tuition fees.