Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration provides the highest education to those who aspire to be executive and entrepreneurs equipped with world-class skills and knowledge to conquer the competitive environment of business. As such, it provides only the most comprehensive training on various managerial theories and practices which encompass research methodologies and other related disciplines that are vital to advanced business decision-making. Given this training, it opens doors for businessmen to hold top executive positions in first-rate multinational companies. The program is grounded on its primary aim to further expand the students’ appreciation of the both national and international management issues that will help them improve the global society. Consistent with this objective is the aim to inculcate outstanding competence, based on theory and practice, on dealing with administrative conflicts associated with several management issues. The program aims to produce business professionals who well equipped and active in the field of applied business research.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • To undertake a scholarly research with an aim to devise a new strategic management plan for a specific corporation in support of its existing developmental design;
  • To conduct lectures or seminar about a study undertaken which focuses on providing business resolution and growth strategies of an organization;
  • To provide trainings in several private and government groups as to practice knowledge gained in various business disciplines and instill positive changes in managerial attitude and work ethics;
  • To gain thorough knowledge of scholarly and scientific research methods and their application in business settings;
  • To acquire critical thinking, conceptual and analytical skills;
  • To grasp both the seminal theories and the latest practices in business and public sector management;
  • To obtain intensive knowledge of practice and theory in a chosen field of business or public management;
  • To utilize tools to perform original applied research that advances knowledge;
  • To appreciate ethical, cultural and global issues and their impact on business theory and practices;
  • To develop skills necessary for effective decision making in complex environments through integrating practical knowledge with theoretic insights;
  • To develop enhanced skills in the research, teaching, entrepreneurial, managerial and strategic knowledge in business;
  • To be capable of examining any formal organization and determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and utilize these discoveries to make accurate business decisions and recommendations and;
  • To cultivate visionary thoughts in managing change within a dynamic business environment.

Course Requirements

Students intending to pursue doctoral degrees must take and pass a comprehensive examination after they have completed their non-dissertation courses, because it is a pre-requisite of the dissertation courses. One of the purposes of this examination is to sufficiently assess students’ full knowledge on the dissertation title they wish to research.

The following courses in dissertation are all required for graduation from Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration. Dissertation must be taken when all the non-dissertation courses are completed. No more than one dissertation course should be taken per session. Dissertation Guidelines

BUS 960a Dissertation – Practical Research I (Proposal)
BUS 960b Dissertation – Practical Research II (Review of Related Literature & Methodology)
BUS 960c Dissertation – Practical Research III (Data Collection & Analysis)
BUS 960d Dissertation – Practical Research IV (Dissertation complete and Oral Defense)

Each non-dissertation and dissertation course is valued as 4 credits with the exception of dissertation complete and oral defense which is valued as 2 credits; comprehensive examination is valued as 1 credit.

Total Credits required for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration is 63.
Please refer to the University Catalog or website for admissions requirementstransfer credits policy; and tuition fees.