The Student Affairs office at Charisma University seeks to develop scholars and practitioners in their various disciplines to promote change, development, and progress in society.

Our team aims to create and maintain a productive learning environment for all students. We believe that learning is lifelong, and student success can only be achieved through personal growth and transformation.

About Student Affairs

Who are we?

The Student Affairs office aims to ensure a positive, effective, and equitable learning environment for all our students. Student Affairs partners with all other academic and administrative units at Charisma University to influence student-centered policies and practices.

Student Affairs investigates and manages appeals, complaints and grievances and ensures student concerns are addressed in a fair manner.

Student Affairs also supports Charisma University student groups and honor societies.

Meet the Executive Vice President

Dr. Ramjit

Dr. Dana-Marie Ramjit

Dana-Marie Ramjit, Executive Vice President, Student Affairs, has worked for Charisma University over 7 years as Director of Library & Academic Writing Center and as faculty in the schools of International Relations and Education. Dana-Marie has spent the last 10 years working in online education across several institutions as lecturer, research supervisor, second examiner, course coordinator, curriculum designer and educational consultant. Dana-Marie is a published author and researcher. Dana-Marie has a PhD in Public Policy & Administration, with a specialization in non-governmental organizations. Her research interests are contemporary governance, postinternationalism and sustainable development.