The Student Affairs office at Charisma University seeks to develop scholars and practitioners in their various disciplines to promote change, development, and progress in society.

Our team aims to create and maintain a productive learning environment for all students. We believe that learning is lifelong, and student success can only be achieved through personal growth and transformation.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Charisma University takes the issue of academic integrity very seriously. We believe that each student is responsible for his/her intellectual development and academic integrity.

Charisma University believes in a free exchange of ideas and information with responsibility. We expect students to respect and acknowledge the ideas of others as stipulated by the academic program he/she is enrolled in at Charisma University.

We do not wish for our students to compromise their honesty and integrity, although they may feel pressured and overwhelmed by the process of learning.

A violation of academic integrity refers to an action which may create an unfair academic advantage for the student or any member of the academic community. These violations are:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating
  • Sharing false information
  • Theft
  • Falsification of qualifications
  • Copyright violations
  • Modifications of university documents

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To help our students, there are resources available in the Charisma University Writing Center for plagiarism check, paper review and edit. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding academic integrity, please contact your professors or mentors.