The Student Affairs office at Charisma University seeks to develop scholars and practitioners in their various disciplines to promote change, development, and progress in society.

Our team aims to create and maintain a productive learning environment for all students. We believe that learning is lifelong, and student success can only be achieved through personal growth and transformation.

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Appeals – concerns general dissatisfaction with academic or non-academic decisions made, which negatively affects the student’s academic standing or university experience.

Complaint – a notice from the complainant that he/she is not satisfied with the service of a department which causes inconvenience, or any matter that interrupts a positive learning environment. These complaints are important to Charisma as we seek to improve the student’s experience.

Grievance – this occurs if there is a grave violation of the university’s policies or procedures which impacts the grievant negatively.

Students are encouraged to contact our Student Support Center with appeals, complaints, grievances, and other student enquiries.

Email: student.affairs@charisma.edu.eu