Students’ Services

Students’ Services

Various student services are offered at Charisma University. All of them were designed to help the students in the optimum manner possible.

Orientation Program
Charisma University offers an orientation program wherein new students receive tutorial about the different procedures of the University.

Testing is done in order to provide students assessment regarding their personalities and careers that could tell them more about their potentials and characteristics as future professionals.

Information Services
Efficient information services are provided in order to ensure the students of their options and right choices in their professional and personal lives.

Personal counseling
Personal counseling is available for students and guides them towards maximum self-realization and development as they become fully integrated and mature individuals.

Follow-up Services
Follow-up services are also available, as the University’s services do not cease with just an orientation and one-time counseling.

Academic Advising
Academic advising and career development services are provided to better aid the students. There are also special options for students with disabilities.

Research and Evaluation
Research and evaluation are being done to ensure the effectiveness of the student services that are offered by Charisma University.