Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Accepted

Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Accepted

Military Assessment (ACE) 30 Credits Bachelors
6 Credits Masters
(Must be evaluated as graduate credits)
4 Credits Doctorates
(Must be evaluated as graduate credits)
Each course accepted under this clause would be listed as PASS and carry no GPA designation
Transfer from other Colleges 90 Credits Bachelors
9 Credits Masters
12 Credits Doctorates
Each course accepted under this clause would be listed as Transfer and carry no GPA designation.

Maximum combined Military and/or Transfer credits cannot exceed 90 credits for Bachelors, 9 credits for Masters, and 12 credits for doctorates to be applied toward any degree program. Graduate level credit(s) transfer should not be older than 5 years from the date of entry into Masters/Doctoral program.

Charisma University accepts credits from accredited colleges or universities. Students that have completed their previous educations at universities/colleges where English was not the official language of instruction must forward their transcripts/credentials to any of the following agencies for evaluation:

A) Foreign Academic Credentials Service
B) Institute of Credential Services
C) International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
D) Validential

Completed credentials evaluation by any of the above evaluation agencies must be forwarded directly to the university by the agency providing such evaluation service(s).

Charisma University voluntarily complies with the principles and criteria of Service members Opportunity College (SOC) and will provide full opportunity for inter-institutional transfer of credits received at other SOC Colleges and Universities, to the published limits regarding transfer of credits. Further, American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations will be granted the fullest respect for the transfer of Military acquired Skills and Knowledge.