Grievance Procedures

Grievances appeal at Charisma University must be addressed according to their gravity. Students send their concerns through the Student Support Center. The Student Support center requires an individualized login to maintain privacy and confidentiality. The Student Support Center is checked daily by the Director of Student Resources. These reports are handled using FERPA standards. To gauge the seriousness and urgency of the complaints or grievances, the APPEAL is sorted out according to the kind of concern the students have. The Director of Student Resources addresses technological or login problems. The EVP of Student Affairs handles other student grievances. These concerns include course modules, program concerns, professors, and grades. The EVP of Student Affairs will work with the Provost and the Deans to address any grades or teacher issues. According to these problems, the Executive Vice President of Student Affairs will schedule a meeting with the students to address and hear the concerns they may have. The Charisma University Ethics Committee will listen to more involved concerns.  

To contact TRACS accreditation directly;

Complaint Policy:  1.  BP104-ComplaintsAgainstMemberInstitutionsorTRACS.pdf

Complaint Info Sheet:  2.  ComplaintInformationSheet-AgainstInstitution_000.pdf (

Complaint Form:  3.  TRACSComplaintForm-AgainstInstitution_000.pdf 


1. Right to cancel enrollment agreement/or withdraw from their programs and receive refunds (please see the refund policy).
2. Right to file a grievance petition against any faculty member or staff member.
3. Right to petition for grades.
4. Right to their academic records per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) law.
5. Right to have a copy of the University’s catalog and brochure  

Students may also file a complaint with the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). See