ACCT 865 Internship in Forensic Accounting

The internship course will provide students with the opportunity to apply and utilize the skills and investigative techniques learned from all the other classes in forensic accounting. The students will experience real-world application of their knowledge. They will be given complex case studies wherein they will need to collect, analyze, and evaluate evidence related to investigation, litigation, valuation, and cyber forensics. The students will also be required to present their recommendations to prevent and detect fraudulent financial activities in an organization.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Employ skills and techniques in investigating complex financial data.
2. Use critical thinking skills to analyze financial data.
3. Demonstrate understanding of the requirements of the profession, the forensic auditing process, and the need to conform to them.
4. Recognize circumstances where fraud risks are high and define preventive internal controls to prevent fraud from being committed in the organizational setting.