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Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn more about our tuition, financial aid programs and cost of attending Charisma University.

Detailed Tuition Breakdown

Below you’ll find detailed tables outlining the specific costs associated with our various courses and programs, as well as other necessary expenses, to assist you in budgeting.
Tuition and Fees
Application fee for admission
Thesis Fee
Doctorate Course Fee per Credit
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee
Graduation Application fee
Library fee per session
Transcript Processing fee
$1,200 .00
$425 .00
$45 .00
$500 .00
Tuition and Fees
Technology Fee per Course
Return check charge
Master’s Degree Course Fee per Credit
Re-admission evaluation fee
Program Change Processing Fee
Undergraduate Fee per Credit
Dissertation Fee (Doctorate’s Program)
$35 .00
$275 .00
$150 .00
$90 .00
$185 .00
$2,500 .00

Sample tuition calculation

MS in Economics
MS Economics of about 42 credits at $275/credit.
Total credit 
Total Cost
Ph.D in Business Administration
Ph.D Business Admin of about 63 credits at $425/credit
Total credit 
Total Cost

Payment Plans

All plans have $0 down payment and 0% interest rate.
Tuition and Fees
Associate Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
Doctorate Degree
Graduate certificate
$300 .00
$300 .00
$325 .00
$350 .00
$325 .00
Download Tuition Payment Plans (PDF)
Contact us today to get a personalised plan that suits your unique situation.

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