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About Charisma University

University Overview

Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures: Explore the Vision and Values of Charisma University – A Global Hub for Academic Excellence.

Mission and Vision Statement

To make educational excellence accessible and affordable worldwide within a Christian environment.

Charisma University will be a premier Christian center for international students and faculty to gather online, share information, learn from each other, engage in useful scholarship, and improve their lives and communities.

Our Goals & Objectives

To achieve these goals, Charisma University is committed to provide its students the best and most modern education.   

Through the use of our innovative on-line modules, we hope to equip our students and graduates with the latest information and learning in their respective fields.  With excellence at the heart of our goals, the university is intent on utilizing and optimizing research in the fields of business, technology, legal studies and education for the advancement of its students, faculty and services.  

The university will also be responsible for the enhancement of a well-rounded, research oriented academe; and thus, encourages research building among its populace.  Through faculty members that are highly experienced in diverse fields, the university also plans to produce alumni that are internationally competitive.  

Additionally, the university aims to develop a network that spans globally to help establish its graduates anywhere in the world.

CU History

Charisma University was founded in March 2011 by Prof. Dr. PeterChris Okpala. The University is fully recognized by the Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education as a degree-granting institution for Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate along with Certificate programs.

Charisma University is a Turks and Caicos Islands non-profit private higher institution approved by the Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education through its Higher Education Advisory Board to offer online and on-campus degree and certificate programs.

In July of 2023, Charisma University received the necessary authorization from the Board of Regents to offer post-secondary degree programs in Montana, the United States of America. Charisma University satisfies the requirements of Montana Code Annotated § 20-25-107 and Board of Regents Policy 221, which regulate educational institutions’ award of post-secondary degrees in the State of Montana. The Montana University System, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, is located at 560 N. Park Avenue, PO Box 203201, Helena, Montana 59620-3201, via phone at 406-444-6570 or by FAX at 406-444-1469.

The university’s name, Charisma University, takes root in the word “charisma” (n; Theol*) –an extraordinary power, such as the ability to work miracles, granted by the Holy Spirit. We believe that an individual coming to our University receives an “extraordinary power” to learn and to develop one’s self in cooperation with the Creator:

”A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.”
–Proverbs 1:5 (NKJV).

Faith Statement of Charisma University

In the delivery of all educational opportunities, Charisma University affirms the following values.

CU Core Values.

In the delivery of all educational opportunities, Charisma University affirms the following values.

Accreditation, Membership and World University Ranking.

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of Emerging Universities

Charisma University proudly holds accreditation candidacy from TRACS (recognized by CHEA and the United States Department of Education); accredited by ACQUIN (recognized by EQAR and German Accreditation Council); and ACBSP (recognized by CHEA).  These accreditations affirm our commitment to educational excellence and international standards. Our memberships in prestigious associations and our ranking as a top emerging university reflect our dedication to providing high-quality education and fostering global academic connections.

Accreditation, Membership and World University Ranking.

Empowering Academic Autonomy and Professional Development

At Charisma University, we foster a culture of active engagement and continuous professional development for our esteemed faculty and staff. Beyond traditional roles in instruction, research, and innovation, we highly value autonomy, academic freedom, and institutional accountability.

Our belief in institutional autonomy is paramount, allowing us to adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape of international education. Faculty members are encouraged to actively contribute to curriculum development, shaping the delivery of course content, selecting educational materials, and defining the scope and methods of research.

Our dedicated professionals, equipped with impeccable credentials, are empowered to participate in crucial decisions such as financial matters, including funding allocation and tuition fees, as well as staffing policies covering recruitment, compensation, and promotion. These processes undergo regular evaluations, ensuring effectiveness within the framework of Charisma University’s assessment.

We have implemented a comprehensive Ethical Code of Conduct for both professionals and students, aligning with the best practices in the academic community. Upholding academic integrity and honesty is our shared commitment, creating a thriving environment of excellence.

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