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Welcome to Charisma University's

School of Law

Step into a world where your legal expertise shapes the future. Our program is designed to turn your passion for justice into a successful legal career, combining rigorous academic training with a broad understanding of law’s impact on society.

Academic Degree Programs

Explore our School of Law’s curriculum, designed to offer students a comprehensive legal education. Our programs do not limit learning to the legal rules of any single jurisdiction; instead, we provide a broad understanding based on national materials and casebooks.

3 years
LL.B program prepares students for the legal profession and Bar examinations in a three-year synchronous learning format.
2 years
Prepares students for roles as Paralegals or Legal Assistants in various legal settings.
Searching for a graduate program?

Seeking a deeper exploration of legal studies? Discover our advanced law programs designed to elevate your expertise and leadership in the legal field.


School of Law
At Charisma University’s School of Law, we are committed to developing skilled, ethical, and knowledgeable legal professionals. Our programs offer an intensive study of law, emphasizing critical thinking, effective communication, and ethical practice. We provide a diverse learning environment that fosters a deep understanding of legal principles and their application in various contexts. Our students gain the skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of legal systems and make meaningful contributions to society.
In addition to a robust legal education, our School of Law emphasizes the development of practical skills essential for today’s legal professionals. We focus on experiential learning through moot court competitions, legal clinics, and internships, offering students hands-on experiences in real-world legal scenarios. This approach ensures that our graduates are not only well-versed in legal theory but are also adept in applying their knowledge in practice, making them valuable assets in any legal setting they choose to pursue.
Prof. Dr. Chinyere Christiana Okpala Chukwuka, Ph.D[SJD]

Dean. School of Law

Welcome to Charisma University’s School of Law, the distinguished School of learned people.

Charisma University School of Law has designed its’ wonderful programs with the idea of bridging the gap between your busy schedules and your degree aspiration. The unique nature of the programs make it is easier for both fully, partly employed workers and non-employed to achieve their academic goals while at the same time keeping up with their busy schedules.

Charisma University School of Law currently offers Associate of Arts (AA) degrees in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), Master of Laws (LL.M), Master of Arts (MA) in Legal Studies, and Ph.D in Law in three specialization areas: International Law, Comparative Legal Studies and Terrorism and Counter-terrorism.

Charisma University School of Law prepares you to face the changes in the Legal Profession and the world at large. We have well qualified, astute, experienced and dedicated Scholars in our School of the law ranging from Doctors of Law (Ph.D.), Practicing Attorneys in different areas of Law as well as distinguished scholars in other relative disciplines.

At Charisma University School of Law, we are committed to helping students succeed. Our Professors give students personal attention and are always ready to offer academic advice and guidance to them. Most importantly, we teach our students to be critical thinkers.

I urge you to take your time and explore the Charisma University School of Law and its’ Programs. I assure you that you will discover how your education ambition can be satisfactorily achieved without taking off from your busy schedules.


Prof. Dr. Chinyere Christiana Okpala Chukwuka, Ph.D[SJD]

Dean. School of Law

Our law students lead with distinction.

Charisma University’s School of Law offers an educational experience that molds students into adept legal professionals. We focus on developing analytical skills, legal knowledge, and ethical grounding, preparing students for a successful legal career.


Innovative Curriculum

Dive into a curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of legal areas, ensuring well-rounded legal education.


Expert Faculty

Benefit from the expertise of our faculty, who bring a wealth of professional experience and academic excellence to enrich your journey.


Global Legal Perspectives

Gain insights into global legal systems, enhancing your understanding and adaptability in international law.


Ethical Foundations

Learn the importance of ethics in law, preparing for practice with integrity and responsibility.

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Fall 2023/2024 LLB Class Schedule
Access the detailed class schedule for the 2023/2024 LLB program.
2023/2024 Academic Calendar
Stay informed and plan ahead with the School of Law’s academic calendar.
University Catalog
Download our catalog for an in-depth look at Charisma degree programs.
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(649) 941-7337
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For more information about the School of Law, the degree requirements and program information, please contact the following personnel.

Administrative Support Contact.

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

More Information

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

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