HCA 673 Cultural Diversity Management in Health Care

This course is specifically designed for nurses to facilitate recognition of cultural dimensions of problems that emerge in health care contexts between and among patients, families and staff. This course aims to assist students understand human differences, preferences, biases and stereotypes, as impacted by culture. Different theoretical and experiential frameworks will be discussed as these are useful in making sensitive assessments, interventions and analyses regarding cultural diversity issues in health care contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of underlying similarities and differences across cultures.
  • Critically assess structures, systems, and actions that contribute to cross-cultural, racial, and or gender sensitivity and insensitivity in health care contexts.
  • Demonstrate ability to appropriately respond to culturally charged situations through the help of theories.
  • Gain the competence to assess cultural issues and policies occurring within health care contexts.

Lecture Hours: 45 lecture hours

Prerequisite: None