Board of Governance


Board Members

Prof. Dr. Ian Mackechnie
Chair, Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Kassey Kalleichelven
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Siva Sundram
Secretary, Board of Directors

Dr. Ivor B. English
Treasurer, Board of Directors

Chris V. Rey, J.D.
Member, Board of Directors

The Governing body of Charisma University is its Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the leadership and control of the University. This includes, but is not limited to, Board appointments, Strategic Plan approvals, Budget and Funding approvals, significant expenditure approval, and annual review of the University’s policies, procedures, and internal controls.

The Board has delegated responsibility for the management of the University to the President/Chief Executive Officer.

The Board is composed of persons who are interested, informed, and active in overseeing the University finances and work. It is the policy of the Board to quarterly review and adopts a clearly articulated mission statement which serves to guide the University work. This statement describes why the Charisma University exists and what it hopes to accomplish. The Board also develops business and strategic plans that describe the activities that the University will undertake, where, and for whom.

The Board reviews the performance achieved by the University management and instigates change if necessary.