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HIS 218

Western Civilizations II
Name: Western Civilizations II
Course Number: HIS 218
Credit(s): 3

Course Description

This course is crafted to offer insights into significant intellectual trends in the West since the Renaissance. It encompasses discussions on the United States and Russia, exploring their roles in 20th-century history. Prerequisite: HIST 217

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop critical reading skills for primary and secondary historical sources, discerning validity, perspective bias, audience, and context. Utilize information technologies to gain new insights and perspectives.
  • Identify key personalities in Western civilization and articulate major movements, trends, and developments.
  • Craft historical essays with clear theses, persuasive arguments, and well-researched supporting data.
  • Discuss historical forces influencing Western civilization with authority, considering factors like religion, economics, politics, social stratification, gender, individual actors, technology, nature, and intellectual/aesthetic thought.
  • Analyze other cultures and time periods without ethnocentrism, demonstrating an informed perspective and a deeper understanding of common threads in human nature.

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