COM 211 Business Communication II

In this course, the students will include more than writing skills. This course will cultivate
the business communication skills of the students in terms of written and oral communication.
Prerequisite COM 210

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to be effective communicators, through the course’s lessons on fundamentals of communication in a business environment such as business writing, problem solving, and decision making techniques.
  • Develop negotiation skills, presentation skills, group facilitation skills, and interviewing within the professional context.
  • Apply a variety of communication deliverables such as assessing an audience, formulating communication objectives, selecting language and tone, and identifying nonverbal behavior.
  • Improve business writing skills by learning how to articulate thoughts clearly, concisely and with a style that gets writing read properly in the business environment.
  • Recognize common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making.
  • Gain insight into the art and science of negotiation and recognize how to be a part of a negotiation team.
  • Utilize multiple organizational strategies for preparing oral presentations.