ENG 250 Use of English Language

This course will include expository writing as well as the development and revision of paragraphs in essays. There will be various lessons that will be taught, like rhetorical strategies, reading, and discussion of selected essays. This course will also focus on establishing skills in documented critical writing. Further, it will teach students to have a background in fiction, drama, and poetry.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will have learned critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making to identify, understand, and evaluate arguments.
  • Learn reading and writing as essentials in developing well organized and coherent ideas in the written form.
  • Learn to express the main ideas of readings through the use of summary, paraphrase, and quotations.
  • Develop original ideas in response to readings.
  • Emphasize three problem areas for proofreading, i.e., formality, tone, sentence punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Use correct citation and reference styles.