MTH 257 College Algebra

This is a course created to present the basic principles of algebra. It is a course that teaches the methods and theories regarding algebraic principles and problem solving.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Read, interpret, and use the vocabulary, symbolism, and basic definitions used in college algebra including the real numbers, exponents, radicals, polynomials, factoring, functions, equations, inequalities, and graphs.
  • Classify the numbers. Identify the sets of natural, integer, rational, irrational, and real numbers. Perform operations on the set of real numbers.
  • Work with properties of real numbers. Evaluate numerical expressions using the order of operations. Compute absolute value of a number or expression.
  • Find the distance between two numbers on the number line.
  • Simplify expressions by using the laws of exponents. Evaluate the principal square root.
  • Convert between scientific and decimal notation. Perform operations in scientific and decimal notations.