Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

An Associate in Arts in Business Administration is a degree education program that offers fundamental yet practical training in business and organization. The courses under this program cover all fields of business administration, including accountancy and finance. With such diverse offerings, students, upon completion of the program, gain opportunity to obtain entry-level clerical positions in the fields of Human Resources, Management, Bookkeeping, Benefits Administration, Public Record Supervisors etc. Graduates are also qualified to pursue a four-year course on Business Administration or other related fields. The program aims to produce effective departmental supervisors with basic abilities on leadership, oral and written communication, business principles, critical thinking and even conflict resolutions that are necessary in dealing with actual business situations. This program also aims to aid students in deciding for a specialization that suits their interests and abilities.

Program Director

Dr. La'Sondrick J. Bridges

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills within a business environment.
  • Determine business problems based on credible evidence and data.
  • Apply foundational business principles and operations in a business environment

Total Credits required for Associate of Arts in Business Administration is 63.
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