Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The program Bachelor of Science in Accounting equips student with core knowledge on accounting principles that are applicable in the different areas of accountancy, including corporate and governmental accounting and, information systems. The program intends to develop accountants who can efficiently perform various accounting functions of diverse business projects and competently adapt to changes in technology used for accounting systems. Graduates of this degree program may choose to enter both public and private practice in the fields of commerce, academe and government. Furthermore, this program instills the necessary knowledge and skills that will prepare the students in passing the licensure examination for certified public accountants. This program also imparts business ethics and values that will aid students in adjusting to the fluctuating demands of business. Graduates of this program are well prepared in related fields of management and entrepreneurship.

Program Director

Dr. Arlene Goodman

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of accounting principles and practices to diverse audiences.
  • Evaluate accounting and business information by using analytical and critical thought processes.
  • Apply concepts, principles, and practices if accounting, including proficiency in auditing methods and fiscal planning.

Total Credits required for Bachelor of Science in Accounting is 120.
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