Bachelor of Science in Finance

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Bachelor of Science in Finance program is designed to incorporate application to theory of finance in establishing core knowledge on economics and accountancy. Graduates of this program can seek career opportunities in research, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other business firms. In addition to this, the program also leads to post-graduate degrees in business, economics and other related fields. This program hones students with fundamental intellectual and professional skills which are necessary in formulating managerial decisions. More specifically, it aims to inculcate basic skills on cash flow statements, financial reports and balance sheets from which these managerial decisions will be largely grounded. The program aims to produce highly resourceful and innovative finance analysts who have extensive skills in providing exceptional solutions for complex business problems.

Program Director

Dr. Arlene Goodman

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of financial management theory to diverse audiences.
  • Make informed financial decisions based on credible evidence and data.
  • Interpret economic information and data using statistics, accounting, and/or economic theories.

Total Credits required for Bachelor of Science in Finance is 120.
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