Master of Arts in Marketing

Master of Arts in Marketing

This program is specially designed for students who seek to further enhance their abilities and skills in certain aspects of marketing activities which include the fields of advertising, e-commerce. Given these advanced skills, graduates of this program are expected to acquire executive positions in marketing firms. In this way, the program aims to instill more advanced knowledge and skills to students in order to widen their career opportunities in several related fields. This program envisions marketing professionals to be substantially equipped with formidable marketing strategies as well advanced training in effective advertising and e-commerce.

Program Director

Lorna DeShay
Dr. Lorna DeShay

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of marketing principles and related management practices to diverse audiences.
  • Resolve complex analyze marketing decisions in a dynamic business environment.
  • Design comprehensive marketing strategies that solidify a brand, achieve financial goals, and gain a competitive advantage.

Total Credits required for Masters of Arts in Marketing is 42.
Please refer to the University Catalog or website for admissions requirementstransfer credits policy; and tuition fees.