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Charisma University Launches Center for Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI)

Charisma University is proud to announce the establishment of the Center for Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI), an independent organization operating under the auspices of Charisma University. CARI serves as a specialized hub and the central body for advanced research in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology at Charisma University.

CARI’s primary mission is to provide cutting-edge research facilities across various disciplines within Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology. It actively supports and conducts research projects, hosts seminars and workshops, and offers comprehensive training courses on advanced research methodologies. Moreover, CARI seeks to foster connections and forge collaborations with similar research centers, institutes, and organizations globally.

One of CARI’s significant goals is to establish and promote exchange programs with academic, research, training institutes, and think tanks, both domestically and internationally. The center welcomes overseas researchers, providing limited office space and accommodation facilities for their work and collaboration.

Key Objectives of CARI:

  1. Facilitating Higher Research: CARI is dedicated to offering advanced research facilities for individuals pursuing M Phil, PhD, and Post-doctoral studies across various disciplines in humanities, social sciences, and technology.
  2. Knowledge Dissemination: The center actively organizes seminars, symposiums, workshops, scholarly lectures, and conferences to disseminate academic achievements and promote intellectual exchange in these respective disciplines.
  3. Research Fellowships: CARI extends fellowships to local, regional, and international researchers and scholars, fostering a culture of research excellence.
  4. Global Linkages: CARI aims to establish strong linkages and networks with national, regional, and international research centers and academic institutions through collaborative exchange programs.

Dr. Anita Abbot, Charisma University’s esteemed Provost & Chief Academic Officer, serves as the Chair of the CARI Executive Committee. Dr. Abbot’s extensive research experience is evident through her involvement in various editorial and writing roles, including serving as an associate editor for the International Journal of the Humanities, a reviewer for The University of London Educate Journal, a guest writer for Oil Voice, and an independent writer.

With the launch of CARI, Charisma University underscores its commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering research excellence, and facilitating meaningful global collaborations in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology. The center stands as a beacon of innovation and academic pursuit within the institution.

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