School of Business

ACBSPMission Statement for the School of Business: The primary purpose of establishing the School of Business is to develop the students as professionals either in the private sector or in public practice and as potential executives. The School of Business was also established to develop potential managers with a unique advantage in their profession, be it in financial, industrial, nonprofit, or government institutions. The courses seek high-caliber candidates, that is, students with the discipline and interest to develop their leadership and managerial potentials. To achieve its goal, the School of Business has a broad-based curriculum that balances technical training and practical problem solving.

Academic Degree Programs

Welcome to Charisma University!

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the School of Business! Our business programs are designed to establish an academic environment in which you, the learner, are empowered to develop creative solutions to important human, professional and societal problems.

The University’s learning-focused educational philosophy emphasizes the connection between professional relevance and scholarly excellence. The university is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.

We look forward to helping to positively impact local, national, and international communities through the success of our business graduates. All of us at the university are eager to assist you in achieving your academic goals and individual goals as you enter these exciting and very important career paths.


Dr. La’Sondrick Bridges
Dean, School of Business