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Charisma University Welcomes New Board Members

Charisma University is pleased to announce the nomination of new four members in the Board. The new members are: Dr. Tan Seng Huat, Dr. Yang Jianwei, and Julie WuBing Zhu MA. Dr. Orien Tulp remains nominated in the Board.

Dr. James Law Kah Chiew, former Board vice Chair, has been nominated as the Board Chairman. In his new role, Dr. Chiew is responsible for the efficient operation of the Board and to assure that the Board fulfills its responsibilities for the proper governance of the University. He also ensures that the Board approves management's plans; the Board receives timely, accurate, and relevant information. Dr. Chiew works with the University President/CEO and helps the President/CEO prepare Board agendas that reflect the University's strategic issues. His leadership roles as Board Chair include: Presides over or chairs all Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings; initiates performance and compensation review for the President/CEO; sometimes acts as spokesman for the University; calls for special meetings as necessary; appoints all committee chairs; serves as ex-officio member of all Board Committees; and helps the nominating Committee recruit new Board members.

Julie WuBing Zhu takes the position as the Vice Chair. In this role, she serves on the Executive Committee. She is responsible for learning the role and duties of the Board Chairman and performing those duties in the Chairman's absence. She carry's out any special assignments as requested by the Board Chairman.

Dr. Yang Jianwei takes the position as the Secretary. He is responsible for the keeping and safe keeping of the records of Board actions and the taking of minutes at board meetings. He is a member of all Board Committees and is responsible for taking and distributing minutes for those committees.

Dr. Tan Seng Huat takes the position as the Treasurer. He is responsible for making sure that timely financial information is available and reported at Board meetings. He is also responsible for assisting the CFO, President/CEO in budget preparation and developing fundraising plans.

The University Founder, Dr. PeterChris Okpala, expresses his appreciation to the nomination committee on the nomination of these new Board members and New Board Chairman who have the responsibilities of internal control of the University and for quarterly reviewing its effectiveness.

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Charisma University offers aspiring students and professionals an opportunity to shape their careers and futures. It has always been the University goal to provide brilliant minds an education that is worth both their time and money and with the establishment of Charisma University, we believe that this goal has been achieved. The University is also committed to provide online education that is flexible, on-demand, innovative, and utilizes sound education technologies and techniques. Charisma degrees are structured to allow students the flexibility to schedule their course work around their other responsibilities. The University currently offers 26 degree programs online in its four schools: School of Business, School of Education, School of Engineering Technology, and School of Philosophy and Religion. Charisma University is committed to enhance the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of its students. This is accomplished by providing low tuition, a challenging curriculum, a highly qualified faculty, and strong academic support.