Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate program is proud to offer various opportunities to students who are aspiring to obtain intellectual ability in business policies and principles through an integration of its core subjects on organizational management, economics, finance, business law and ethics, among the few. With today’s progressive globalization, the program, being a general management course and multidisciplinary in nature, opens doors to a vast array of career options in the various fields of business, such that graduates are expected to get an edge in holding professional managerial and entrepreneurial positions in respected business firms. The program seeks to develop business professionals with sufficient training in organizational management and with specialized knowledge and skill in a functional area of business activity. As such, the program seeks to instill social responsibility to students, without compromising personal satisfaction through the potentials of getting into high-earning yet challenging jobs in the industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of business principles practices to diverse audiences.
  • Formulate appropriate solutions to business problems based on credible evidence and data.
  • Apply sound theoretical business principles in the competitive global environment.

Course Requirements

Students must complete two courses from Electives Section A. Each course is valued as 3 Credits.

MKT 409 Global Markets
MKT 403 Early Stage Capital
MKT 115 Real Estate Capital Markets
MKT 203 Marketing Strategy

Students must complete three courses from Electives Section B. Each course is valued as 3 Credits.

ECON 203 Industrial Organization

ECON 401 Collective Choice

ECON 463 Econometrics

ECON 445 International Trade

Total Credits required for Bachelor of Science in Accounting is 120.
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